With 400,000 monthly page-views we can help to deliver and promote your product or service to the photography, design, blogging and freelance communities. Learn more about us here.

If you have a product or service targeted at photography, design, blogging and freelance communities, we know the way to get to them!

We have a number of promotional options that should satisfy your needs. However, if you don’t feel like any of them is for you, get in touch, and we’ll find a new one!

We offer both banner advertising and dedicated sponsored content. If any of our options don’t quite fit your strategy, get in touch with us below and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Sponsored Content

We take photos of your product in an interesting arrangement and post them on Kaboompics with the name of the manufacturer in the title of the photo.

A sophisticated product campaign on the blog is also available.

Costs of such services can be negotiated individually
– depending on the type of the product, and on your needs regarding, for example, the length of the campaign. I also accept bartering – especially when it comes to things I can use in my work (or things that would simply blow my mind
– I LOVE gadgets!).

Your sponsored photos won’t ever be moved from Kaboompics, so there are many long-term benefits that come from our cooperation. But there’s more!

  • A sponsored trip/photoreport
  • A product test combined with a promotional giveaway
  • Long-term partnership
  • Photos created in cooperation with the brand are also published in our Social Media and newsletter

Banner Ads

An ad-banner on the website all paid monthly:

  • $700 for the ad in the photo gallery
  • $400 for the ad at the top of the front home page
  • $200 for the banner in the middle of the home page
  • $100 for one on the bottom of the home page
  • $500 for the banner next to the photo (on the left side) and $200 for one below the photo

In case you pay for 6 months or more, the first month is 40% off and the rest 15% each.

A newsletter (10 000+ subscribers), and social media promotion ( 18 000+ fans on Facebook, almost 12.000 on Instagram) for the individual negotiation – depending on the content you’d like to promote.

Get in Touch

If you would like to discuss our advertising options further, send us a quick message.